Video Games Challenges - Gameplay Challenges to Spice Up Your Video Games

Video Games Challenges – Gameplay Challenges to Spice Up Your Video Games

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Video Games Challenges: While there are always new video games to play, we’ve found that one of the most satisfying video game challenges is finding new ways to replay old favorites.

Since one of the charms of video games is bragging rights, being able to say you’ve accomplished something no other player has done before can be a great source of pride and satisfaction.

What are Video Games Challenges?

Every video game has its plot and rules, but when you’re fed up with playing the right way, you can always spice things up with special gaming styles, settings, or self-imposed conditions.

Being the best player you can be is a challenge. Being the best player in many sports is an even greater challenge. You are ready for this. But it takes many times, many reboots? Y/N before you reached this level of notoriety. Stay motivated and reward yourself with the IRLA Video Game Awards. Earn a streak of five medals marking your milestone in playing multiple video games. As you set more goals and progress in your quest to be the best, your IRLAs give you the motivation to keep doing more.

Video Games Challenges to Spice up your next Replay

This can come in the form of speed runs and challenges to be completed within self-imposed limits and unusual game modes. Not only do these challenges make replaying old games fun and exciting, but they can also save you money by giving you hours of fun without having to buy a new game.
So dust off those old games and put in those cartridges – it’s time to play!

1. The Pacifist

Complete the game without killing anyone.

Or if you’re replaying Super Mario Bros., replay the game without hitting multiple Goombas in the head.

Kill, beat, defeat, conquer, video games indeed tend to be a bit violent. This challenging replay is all about finding a way to enjoy other aspects of the game, from Mario’s dodge ability to completing side quests that take you out of combat.

2. The No-Hit Wonder

Complete the game without taking any damage.

When you play GoldenEye 007 again, it’s like you no longer see the red borders flickering on your screen. In other words: a higher challenge.

3. Video Games Challenges Medals

Some challenges are good for bragging rights. Some open real medals for the world to see your achievements.

These are the following challenges that you must complete to unlock the medals (and each can be completed by replaying some of your favorite video games):

  • Get a K/D ratio of 13
  • Complete a single-player game
  • Complete a game on a console that’s over 15 years old
  • Win a battle royale game
  • Plan an in-person video game party (like in the golden age of LAN parties)

4. The Speed Demon

Complete the game as quickly as possible.

One of the most popular video game challenges, speed racing has spawned a genre of its own on YouTube.

Depending on the type of game you’re playing, speed runs can be measured in seconds and minutes, like your fastest run in Mario Kart, or in hours when you’re going up against gyms and Pokémon trainers.

5. The Ironman

Complete the game in one place without a break.

This video game challenge requires the same preparation as its namesake. You need to think about diet and hydration strategies, clothing, and strategies to keep your energy levels up throughout the day and into the evening.

6. The Underdog

Complete the game on the hardest setting.

Of course, anyone can defeat Halo in easy mode. But brave and famous? That’s a different story. While this may be limited to games with built-in difficulties, you can also modify any of the challenges above to create your own.

7. The Completionist

Complete the game 100%.

A fun companion to the speed run genre of video game challenges, this guides you to get to the goal as quickly as possible to complete it as carefully as possible. This gameplay will also benefit from attention to detail and patience as you must knock over every stone on your way to find every clue with 100% certainty.

8. The Minimalist

Complete the game with the lowest possible score.

This goes against all of your gaming instincts – and those video game documentaries about lifetime high scores. Still, finishing a game with the lowest possible score is uniquely challenging in its own right. It means foregoing the easy points, avoiding the coins, and doing the bare minimum at an expert level.

9. The Nostalgic

Complete the game using only the original controller or console.
For games that are part of a series or legacy game, you can turn back the clock and see how you’re doing as the processing speed slows down and the pixels get bigger. This works best with online libraries since the games are included with your existing subscription.

10. One Life to Live Video Games Challenges

Complete the game without dying.
Here you only have one life to play with. Instead of relying on checkpoints and saving, you need to get as far as you can – and hopefully to the end – without falling. As you progress through the game, the pressure increases so good luck.

Immortalize Your Achievements
They are made for that moment when you first enter the arcade or turn on your first console. Turn on the device, plug it in, and get ready to earn the kind of coins that would make Italian plumbers jealous. The IRLAs come from hitting killer combos, defeating evil bosses, and completing complex levels. If you’re looking for achievements that don’t reset on retirement, you’ll have to work for them – so warm your thumbs and buckle up.

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