Perfect Morning Routine

Perfect Morning Routine – Best Routine Ideas to Start Your Daily Perfectly

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Perfect Morning Routine: What is the key to success? My Billionaire CEO tells you what it’s like to find the best breakfast for your life. Maybe you hit the snooze button in the morning, hide under the covers and do whatever it takes to avoid work.

It usually looks like this:

  • He jumped out of bed at three in the morning.
  • He kissed his beautiful wife’s cheek.
  • The train goes over the next hill.
  • Go home and have five espressos.
  • File your tax returns for the next 10 years.

And this before 7 am!

Guys, let’s be honest. Life won’t be like that, then! I’ve been there, but what better way to start the day? In today’s article, I share with you what I believe is the best morning routine. Try some of these things this morning and you will see amazing results.

Perfect Morning Routine

Before we begin, there is one mistake you should never make. Last night! Sleep is a sign of weakness. It’s a great way to spend the day and is important when planning your morning routine. Without enough sleep, you start your day with a mind that is not 100 open, no matter how many times you beat yourself up.

So what is the solution? Not enough? Relying on caffeine to fight insomnia is a bad idea. Many people enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning, but relying on it all day can bring bad news for you. Follow the National Sleep Foundation guidelines and aim for 7-8 hours of sleep each night.

5:00 AM Get out of Bed

My day starts at five in the morning. I woke up in fear, I didn’t know who I was! Why am I not using my phone? I hate being in the bedroom, and it’s easy for me to hit the snooze button on the touch screen.

Then: I have trouble getting out of bed. I have a simple trick to overcome it: I have to love myself! It can be as simple as the delicious cookies I have with my coffee or taking 20 minutes to catch up on your favorite TV show.

5:05 PM Coffee With the Wife

Then I went downstairs for coffee. I made a French spread with cream of cocoa and sugar and shared it with my lovely wife. He’s trying to pick up the phone now, but I won’t. Why here?

We can sit and talk to each other for a while, without moving or stopping. My wife has a hand when the children wake up (we teach them), so it means a lot to both of us that we are the first in the morning.

5:30 AM Self-Development

Whenever I can, I like to take 30 minutes out of the morning to get better. As I am always trying to learn my sword, I like to read about money, interests, and other nonsense.

However, self-improvement is not just about reading. I think people underestimate the value of short-term projects. Take time for your activities. Things like meditation or yoga can help improve mental health and increase daily productivity.

Chances are, you’ll work harder, do better and have a better day.

6:00 Morning Routine Exercise

I spend an hour on the health of my body. I drive two minutes to the local gym and do rows, deadlifts, and bench presses. Preparation for exercise is important.

Next to the gym is one of my favorite pool features: the jacuzzi. I use this hot tub to help me recover after a workout. The best; This morning – no! Then I spend time getting ready for the day. I cut, spray, and dress for the day.

I also wash my face and body for men to get a deep chlorine rinse. It’s the little things that keep my skin healthy and young for a long time.

7:10 PM Family Eats

After seven in the morning, I usually go home after my family has dinner.

Family breakfast should be the best breakfast, so breakfast is the best time I can spend with my children. If you have breakfast with them

7:55 AM On my Way to Work

Saying goodbye to my family, thank you, and hello. I saw him again a few hours ago at lunch. Now I need it (only 5 minutes from my house). Business pending!

8:00 AM The Perfect Morning Routine Briefing

My first thought was to open my computer and look at the company’s dashboard. This review includes:

  • Sale
  • This will take you to the RMRS website and YouTube channel.
  • Recent trends and views/view rate of YouTube videos
  • Where are we at all?
  • E-mail

Fun fact: I get about 200 emails a day from people with personal questions, style questions, job requests, etc. Of course, I can’t answer it myself, so we have two assistants who are ready to handle different types of emails.

I know how to provide excellent customer service including advice, information, and troubleshooting with the sales/technical team.

8:25 Coffee And More Emails!

It’s time to relax and drink your second cup of coffee for the day.

It took me about 5 minutes to check my email. I usually take 5-10 members from my colleagues, I review them based on the size of the group, and I answer them. Not bad for my box

9:00 AM Lights, Camera… Action!

At 9 am, I spent two hours doing what RMRS does best: creating a YouTube video. I make 2-3 videos a day. The end; is simple. It seems to me that most of my things reach a million. Therefore, there are increased sales or online sales. But the more advanced you are in this industry, the more you can earn.

11:00 AM Updates From My Team

The following steps are followed:

  • Review the video with the videographer
  • Get updates and orders from team leaders
  • Work with our technical team to resolve issues with your website or YouTube channel, such as time to page.

Good communication skills are essential in all of these roles. For this reason, I always foster respect and understanding in my team.

Sessions, Skype calls, and email exchanges keep everyone focused on working. There is no “I am” in the clinical grid and there are no keyboard shortcuts.

12:00 Noon for Dinner with Family

I love my job and my daily activities allow me to achieve a lot.

You don’t have to stop for lunch or dinner in this small town. But my wife and I, my children ate very well and this was our second meal. I spend 30 minutes to an hour with my children. Knowing how fast they grow, I don’t play with them at my leisure.

How To Perfect Morning Routine For You

We believe that good morning practice leads to success.

I followed a similar process.

  1. Know the main purpose of your morning routine. Is it healthier or harder to work? Doing this will make it easier for you to achieve this goal and choose your actions.
  2. List activities that will help you achieve your goal. Do them in the order you want them done.
  3. Ask yourself where to eat. Use the list below to achieve the best results and be realistic about your daily goals.
  4. The business of life is now ugly. Be careful until the end of the night. Organize the clothes you wear during the day and keep your keys in a familiar place in your home.
  5. After labor, try to work on it for seven days. Don’t apologize and don’t procrastinate. That way, you’ll know if it’s going well or if changes are needed.

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