Mehndi Designs for Kids

Mehndi Designs for Kids – Mehndi Design Ideas for Eid 2023

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Mehndi Designs for Kids: Mehndi is not only a favorite of adults, but children also often give gifts to create it. Kids will love how they can make so many designs with henna cones and stick them together. Mehndi is considered delicious and natural. Many parents love simple mehndi designs for weddings and other family occasions.

One of the main reasons for choosing henna for adults and children is its safe nature. Easy hairstyles can chip or damage equipment, but cedar is so durable that it won’t crack when dry, making it perfect for any occasion. Active, non-stop. This can be one of the main reasons why many children love Mehdi. So let’s check out the most creative and beautiful mehndi recipes for kids with pictures.

Beautiful Mehndi Designs for Kids

Below we have collected 10 easy mehndi designs for kids with your child’s photo.

1. Sacred Heart Mehndi Ideas

Sacred Heart Mehndi Ideas

Simple and elegant design with a heart in the middle of the palm. The heart is filled with a checkered pattern and surrounded by a ribbon pattern. Strings and delicate wrists, these are a few examples. This is an easy recipe that your child will love.

  • Suitable for Which Function: Suitable for everyday occasions such as birthdays or war.
  • Pair with: Indo-western dresses or long dresses.

2. Easy Mehndi with Flowers

Easy Mehndi with Flowers

They are perfect for girls who love flowers. The flower grows from the center outwards. This contrast makes the fingers interesting and still appeals to children. The central flowers are 4 outer rows of curved stitches that give a unique effect to the flower mehndi design.

  • Suitable for Which Function: Suitable for festivals like Sankranti and Holi.
  • Pair with: Salwar kameez or long dress with flower pendant and ring.

3. Creeper Mehndi Design for Kids

Creeper Mehndi Design for Kids

This program is for older kids who need more time. If you want to decorate your child’s hands with flowers and vines, but don’t want it to be too big, this is the idea for you. The design is a piece with woven flowers and a scaffold extension in the middle finger. Floral motifs on the heels have been added to the design.

  • Suitable for Which Function: With a minimalist design, it’s perfect for family gatherings and weddings.
  • Pair with: Lehenga or maxi skirt.

4. Lacy Mehndi Kids Ideas

Lacy Mehndi Kids Ideas

Ideal for kids, they want small mehndi designs. There is a small floral design with a lace design on the sides. Another split pattern is made with the strong thumb and middle finger. Try to bridge the gaps between… This design is simple and creative and great and beautiful.

  • Suitable for Which Function: Suitable for family gatherings and occasions like Diwali.
  • Pair with: Clothes such as dresses, pants or blouses.

5. Easy Mehndi Mandala DesignsEasy Mehndi Mandala Designs


This is a simple circle mehndi for kids. In the middle is a circle. But it expands by squeezing these petals and expanding the outer structure. Lace stitching on the heel adds an extra touch. Strong lines and connecting lines will appeal to your child.

  • Suitable for Which Function: Dress a little heavier for parties and family gatherings.
  • Pair with: Lehenga or a skirt.

6. Simple Mehndi for Kids

Simple Mehndi for Kids

This mehndi design is very simple and suitable for children. It starts with a lace design around the wrist and a flower pattern on the side. These mehndi designs are defined by paper-like curved lines. The design is very simple and very beautiful.

  • Suitable for Which Function: Occasions like birthdays and weddings.
  • Pair with: Long dresses and western dresses, especially with exotic jewelry.

7. Panther Mehndi Designs for KidsPanther Mehndi Designs for Kids

This is a new style of mehndi. This panther mehndi design will encourage your child to use mehndi on their palms. Mehndi designers will always come up with something new in their mehndi designs to inspire kids. Apart from floral and leafy themes, mehndi designs can also include many other animals.

  • Suitable for Which Function: This is an amazing mehndi program.
  • Pair with: Pair this style with a western outfit.

8. Arabic Mehndi for Girls

Arabic Mehndi for Girls

Here is a simple Arabic mehndi recipe for kids. This activity is good for children who are impatient to draw. In the center is a floral design with two pointed triangles on opposite sides. Various styles are used to adorn the wrist for lightness and weight.

  • Suitable for Which Function: Weddings and festivals like Dussehra and Diwali.
  • Pair with: Salwar kameez, plaits or Indo-western dresses.

9. Glory Mehndi Designs for Kids

Glory Mehndi Designs for Kids

Decorate the swing with cypress, and fill the space with glitter. They don’t have plans on your fingers. You can fill the bowl with natural stone and smooth cypress. Mehndi style looks simple and beautiful, child friendly.

  • Suitable for Which Function: Perfect for birthdays or babies in general.
  • Pair with: Pair it with your favorite sunset or sunset outfit.

10. Moon Mehndi Designs

Moon Mehndi Designs

We have simple and beautiful mehndi designs for small hands. The flower is just a circle in the middle of the palm forming a triangle around it. A small part or maybe the heart of his drawing would be good. Even the work itself is simple and takes time.

  • Suitable for Which Function: Suitable for parties or family alone.
  • Pair with:┬áPair it with a small bracelet or heels.

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