Lehenga Blouse Back Design

Lehenga Blouse Back Design – Bridal Blouse Design Ideas for Women

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Lehenga Blouse Back Design: How can a wedding in Lehenga be without a beautiful girl? Beautiful, comfortable, and stylish, Lehenga is a must-have for every woman, from the bride to the guest! Today, the lehenga comes in different styles like blouses, halter necks, off-the-shoulder, and high necks.

If you want to prioritize attention, think outside the box! That is why we have collected some beautiful Lehenga blouse to help you make the right decision.

How to Choose the Right Lehenga?

Right Lehenga

A very simple lehenga can be transformed into a beautiful dress with a beautiful blouse. This year, there are new things to consider when planning for any event.

  • Embellished Backs: Cloth, candles, cans, and clothes. Perfect for parties and weddings.
  • Fringes and Drops: Add a hem to the sleeves, neck, and front to make your dress more attractive and surprising. Choose the music and welcome!
  • Backless Choris: For brides and beauties who don’t want to show their back. Covered with ribbons and beautiful designs.
  • Outer Shoulder Strap: Great for mehndi spread and Sanjit looks.
  • Bustier Blouses: For strong women who are confident in their figure. Strapless shirts come in many styles, from stripes to patterns. Perfect for dinner.
  • Sheer Backs and Sleeves: The pants can be “back”. Flying hand is still useful and great! Eat well during the day and at night.

1. Neckline Lehenga Shirt

Neckline Lehenga Shirt

V-neck blouses are the most popular choice in fashion when paired with lehenga and Indian dresses. This type of dress has a neckline on the front for an elegant and feminine look. V-necks differ in the depth of necklines. To plunge the neckline.

2. Long Blouse Design for Lehenga

Long Blouse Design for Lehenga

The beautiful and beautiful cuffs fall below the waist of the Lehenga. This blouse style is perfect for those looking to add something to their lehenga. Women’s shirts can be long or short.

3. Shoulder Blouse for Lehenga

Shoulder Blouse for Lehenga

One shoulder blouse is a beautiful and smart blouse that goes well with a backless lehenga. One-shoulder shirts with different designs on the neck, sleeves, and back can be said to have different looks.

4. Lehenga Peplum Blouse

Lehenga Peplum Blouse

The lapel-style lehenga is a modern Indian shirt. The waist tie of this type of blouse creates a peplum silhouette and adds elegance to any lehenga.

5. Scoop Neck Lehenga Blouse

Scoop Neck Lehenga Blouse

The back of the shirt has a back design, pay attention to detail. The blouse goes well with the lehenga and adds charm and elegance to an outfit. Available in a variety of sleeve lengths and necklines, the open-back shirt is a staple of the moment.

6. Net Lehenga Blouse Design

Net Lehenga Blouse Design

Check out this 3D rendering of a mesh shirt design that will make your body look like a garden flower. These women’s dresses are beautifully designed with decorative elements like sequins, thread, and lace. The traditional hand was replaced with a gold piece for flow. Try it with a floral lehenga for a gorgeous look!

  • Design: 3D Mesh Lehenga Blouse
  • Source: Net
  • Best Body: Women with fair skin
  • Occasion: Wedding reception
  • Fit Lehenga: Lightweight.

7. Designer Washed Velvet Lehenga

Designer Washed Velvet Lehenga

A beautiful combination of silk and light, the perfect bride! The beauty of silk is combined with the protection of pure fabric. The dress has a collar and shoulder, as well as leather cuffs and sleeves. Wear this silk lehenga and you will be a crowd-pleaser!

  • Design: Brown velvet lehenga shirt
  • Source: Silk and Net
  • Best Body: Women with fair skin
  • Occasion: come on, music
  • Fit Lehenga: Bed linen

8. Lehenga Style Over Blazer

Lehenga Style Over Blazer

This dress shirt uses a more elegant blazer style with simple red satin material and gold piping. The women’s shirt is fully fitted at the back but is stitched at the front with a beautiful v-neck and cut-down front design to match the design. The gold embellishment on the arms makes the lehenga shirt a great choice.

  • Design: Red color lehenga shirt with gold work
  • Source: Sgt
  • Best Body: Women with broad shoulders
  • Occasion: Wedding Director
  • Fit Lehenga: Lehenga in different colors

9. Off-Shoulder Lehenga Blouse Patterns

Off-Shoulder Lehenga Blouse Patterns

A silk lehenga design can add elegance. Long straight brown lehenga embellished with shiny silver threads. The women’s dress is a single shirt with a large V and a feminine shoulder style that supports the neck and hips. It can be your choice when you are ready to dress in style.

  • Design: Off-shoulder lehenga shirt with gothic tie
  • Source: Sgt
  • Best Body: Women with broad shoulders
  • Occasion: Wedding Director
  • Fit Lehenga: Matching Lehenga

10. Gold Shirt and Lehenga

Gold Shirt and Lehenga

You will shine like a star in this glittering gold set. Mesh Sequin Short Work Dress. An absolutely beautiful woman. This shirt can be worn with almost any lehenga skirt, but for a touch of elegance, go for a shimmery skirt with a pastel pink dupatta!

  • Design: Handmade gold lehenga
  • Source: Net
  • Best Body: Women with broad shoulders
  • Occasion: Welcome evening
  • Fit Lehenga: Any color

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