Bombay Style Mehndi Designs

Bombay Style Mehndi Designs – Latest Trendy Mehndi Designs in 2023

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Bombay Style Mehndi Designs also known as Mumbai Mehndi, is a popular art form of Mehndi in Mumbai, India. The brand is recognized for its unique style, lines, and contemporary style. Bombay Mehndi style combines Indian tradition with modernity, making the designs unique and beautiful. It is a favorite style of cypress brides and grooms because of its look and ability to combine traditional and contemporary styles.

Bombay Style Mehndi Designs

Listed below are the popular Bombay style mehndi designs with perfect designs for all occasions and types of weddings and dresses

1. Heart Shape Bombay Mehndi

Heart Shape Bombay

This simple Bombay Mehndi combines education and culture

2. Bombay Ideas for Women

Bombay Ideas for Women

It is a Bombay design with flowers. The use of bright parties and Mehndi’s style and perfection make the art beautiful. You can easily rock this gorgeous henna.

3. Back Hand Mehndi DesignBack Hand Mehndi Design


This type of henna can be used in all seasons and occasions.

4. Dulhan Bombay Designs

Dulhan Bombay Designs

These “lovers” have a beautiful henna that is perfect for the groom. A symbol of love and unity of love.

5. Bombay Mehndi Design Feet

Bombay Style Mehndi Designs

This Bombay Style Mehndi is simple and elegant

6. Bombay Peacock Feather Mehndi

Bombay Peacock Feather Mehndi

This design is especially for those who like simple henna. Families are advised to work in white.

7. Gray Bombay Mehndi Designs

Gray Bombay Mehndi Designs

This Bombay-style Mehndi design is a creation of amazing artists the design is unique and has many issues. This henna design is perfect for long sleeves as there are lots of letters in the design

8. Handmade Bombay Mehndi Designs

Handmade Bombay Mehndi Designs

This is the best mehndi design for the bride on her wedding day. The floral display is beautiful with intricate patterns.

9. Bombay Mehndi Designs

Bombay Mehndi Designs

This type of henna is traditional and beautiful. Because there is enough space between the thumb and fingers to show the beautiful thread.

10. Latest Bombay Style

Latest Bombay Style Mehndi Designs

Finally, modern Bombay mehndi designs have beautiful classic and contemporary elements that capture the essence of the Bombay industry. With its unique style and bold lines, this design is a major attraction for couples and brides looking for something unique and elegant. Combining traditional heritage with contemporary styles, Modern Mumbai Mehndi captures the beauty and sophistication of Indian Mehndi art.

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