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Best Online Universities – 9 Top Universities Offering Free Online Courses

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Best Online Universities are a great way to increase your chances of getting a job – they add sophistication to resumes and make great interview material, and they’re a great way to spend your free time. With so many institutes and universities now offering free online courses, it can be difficult to decide which course to install.

9 Best Online Universities in the World

We’ve rounded up some of the most popular free online courses from some of the best universities around the world. This list is not exhaustive, it just gives you an idea of the many schools that offer online education.

1. Harvard Best Online Universities

Harvard Best Online Universities

Harvard University offers over 600 free online courses and a free ivy league education. Here are the courses for your convenience.

The Life and Work of Shakespeare: In four weeks, learn to read the works of William Shakespeare while discovering his biography. This course also covers Elizabethan and Jacobean history as well as contemporary works.

Justice: An Introduction to Justice and Justice. Classical and contemporary theories are explored in this 12-week course. Read the writings of Aristotle, John Locke, Immanuel Kant, John Stuart Mill, and John Rawl.

Health effects of climate change: climate change is more serious than ever. Learn how global warming affects human health and how we can mitigate its effects in this seven-week course.

2. University of California, Irvine

University of California, Irvine

The University of California at Irvine offers a variety of programs in different fields.

Writing in English is a Better Thing: This course is designed to help you develop your writing voice and give you the opportunity to practice your writing skills in a variety of business settings.

Introduction to Electronics: Basic characteristics of electronics: diodes, transistors, and operational amplifiers. It is perfect for anyone who wants to understand electrical engineering.

Timeless Games: The Game of Games: A Beginner’s Guide to Games This course is about learning math and analyzing simple games with no luck.

3. Georgia Institute of Technology

Georgia Institute of Technology

This university has been offering online courses. Since that time, 3.3 million people have benefited from world-class education in various subjects. Here are some perhaps:

Data Analysis in Business: This course will help you understand data and business analysis. You then have the ability to apply analysis algorithms and techniques to real market data.

Innovation Leadership: A six-week course for anyone who wants to become an innovation leader. You will learn why new leaders are important for growth and how to become one.

Supply Chain Fundamentals: This 15-hour course is an excellent introduction for anyone interested in working in the supply chain. It will help you understand the add-on products and the career opportunity will show you what is available to you.

4. Polytechnic Best Online Universities

Polytechnic Best Online Universities

École Polytechnique is a leading French institution for research, teaching, and innovation at the intersection of science and technology. It selects 29 online forums, of which 10 are in English and 19 in French.

Introduction to the Program: This is a two-week course in French that teaches the basics of the program, giving you an understanding of the life of the program and the application of the world. how to use

How to Write and Publish a Research Paper: Designed for students with academic experience, this course does exactly what the title suggests. In four weeks you will learn to write and publish research papers in English effectively.

From Spheres to Stars: if you’ve ever wondered how the world was formed, how the world has changed in the last 14 years, or what the world has changed, this is a must-read. you. The course lasts 10 weeks and is taught in French.

5. Michigan State University

Michigan State University

One of the largest universities in the United States of America, Michigan State University offers a variety of online courses.

Being a Journalist: Telling the Story: Exploring the Impact of Journalism on Public Discourse. Learn about social media best practices and etiquette. This process takes about six months and is ideal for journalists.

Drama or TV Show: In 20 weeks, you will write a drama or TV show. You will learn design techniques that will allow you to create complex pieces.

Game Design Specialization: This three-month course introduces you to 2D and 3D game production skills fundamentals.

6. California Institute of the Arts

California Institute of the Arts

The California Institute of the Arts is 20th in the world by academics in the QS World University Rankings for Art and Design. This school offers a variety of creative courses:

Graphic Design Skills: This semester’s course teaches the basic skills required for graphic design.

Sharp Eyes: Poetry Project: In these ten hours, you will learn different ideas and materials for different poems by modern and contemporary poets. You can also write your own songs and get expert comments.

Design Language: Form and Sense: In this lesson, you will explore a graphic design project and analyze the results. This course is for beginners and takes about eight hours.

7. Hong Kong University

Hong Kong University

Hong Kong University is an international research university dedicated to education and research in science, technology, engineering, management, and business. Here is a selection of online courses we offer:

Introduction to FinTech: Learn about the innovation, technology, and governance of financial exchanges in Asia’s first FinTech MOOC (Massive Open Online Course). The course starts on May 15 and will be taught by experts.

Social Media: This week’s lesson will improve your critical thinking skills to help you identify specific information in the media and deepen your knowledge.

Government, Law, and Economics: If you want to study economics, this course is a good place to start. This course introduces the basic business concepts necessary for the study of business management.

8. UCL (University College London)

UCL (University College London)

They offer several courses including:

Anthropology of Social Media: Why We Listen: A five-week course on the social phenomena, equations, and theories of social media users around the world.

Citizen Science and Science Crowdsourcing: An Introduction: Taught by UCL’s Department of Geography, this course will provide you with an introduction to Citizen Science and a career in the field.

Culture, Health, and Wellbeing: Introduction: This course will help you to develop, implement and evaluate health and wellness programs in a museum, cultural, arts, heritage or cultural context. It is The most important factor, who is involved in this process.

9. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Here is a selection of their online courses:

Number Theory I: This course deals with various topics in algebraic and analytic number theory.

Economic and Political Theory: If you want to learn economics, why not learn from the best? This course uses microeconomic theory to analyze government policy. It teaches you the basics of business and you can learn it yourself.

Making Books: The Renaissance and Today: For those looking for something different, this course examines the impact of new technologies on the collection and dissemination of words and images, including the invention of the printing press in 1450, and the invention of electronic communications in the 19th century. century, century, and today with digital media.

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