Best iPhone Accessories - 10 of the Best iPhone Accessories you can Buy in 2023

Best iPhone Accessories – 10 of the Best iPhone Accessories you can Buy in 2023

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Best iPhone Accessories: When it comes to buying new iPhone accessories, the market is flooded. So much so that purchasing something as simple as a charger can be anxiety-inducing.And honestly, if you buy cheap, you could end up with a broken cable within a week – or worse, a broken charging port.

That’s why in this guide, two of our tech editors teamed up to research, compare, and test the latest and greatest iPhone accessories to find the best for every lifestyle and budget. From convenient chargers that will charge your iPhone’s battery in under an hour, to a Bluetooth adapter so you never have to buy cheap headphones on the plane again, to a cleaning solution that will keep your phone germ-free and looking great at all times Here you will find accessories that will make life with your iPhone a little nicer.

Best iPhone Accessories

Apple MagSafe wireless charger

There are often better and cheaper alternatives to Apple’s first-party accessories, but the company’s MagSafe wireless charger is worth considering if you have a new iPhone. Like all other MagSafe accessories, this charging pad attaches to the back of the latest iPhones with a puller and is incredibly durable. Not only can you safely pick up your handset and use it with the disc inserted, but the iPhone can also hang from the charging cable without falling. (You probably shouldn’t do this.)

The charging plate itself is about a quarter of an inch thick, so it doesn’t add any extra bulk to the iPhone. The magnets only stick to the latest iPhones, but also charge older models wirelessly, going back to the iPhone 8. I wish the cable was longer than a meter so that you have more freedom to use your iPhone on the couch or in the living room. The bed when being pulled up.

Apple’s MagSafe charging accessory costs $39 (though we’ve seen it on sale a few times), but if you’re looking to spend less, Spigen’s ArcField Magnetic Wireless Charger is a great dupe. Its magnets aren’t nearly as strong as Apple’s MagSafe charger – so you should never pick up your iPhone with this cable – but it will keep your handset powered while staying on.

Apple MagSafe wireless charger

You may have collected several devices that support wireless charging by now, and the Mophie 4-in-1 Charging Mat is an easy way to power them all. It’s an 11-by-8-inch rectangle with four slots for charging different devices at the same time. Two of the spots are large enough to hold smartphones, while the other two in the middle are smaller and fit AirPods perfectly. It also has an optional Apple Watch port, allowing up to five devices to be charged simultaneously.
I found the mat useful as a charging station and used it every evening to charge my iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods Pro. It’s worth noting that my iPhone and AirPods Pro stay in the cases and I didn’t have to remove them to charge them with Mophie’s mat. However, although the size of the mat allows you to do a lot at once, it is also difficult to find a large enough space for it. It fits most nightstands, but you may need to rearrange things first. Mophie features a 3-in-1 wireless charging station that takes up little space and has dedicated slots for your iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods.


Apple makes its standard AirPods even better in the third-generation models, with improved design, significantly better sound, and longer battery life.
It is now known that Apple AirPods are the best wireless earbuds for iPhone owners. Apple has made its standard AirPods even better by introducing third-generation models, with improved design, significantly better sound, and longer battery life. We appreciate the new “display” design, which is more comfortable than previous AirPods, and the H1 chipset enables features like hands-free Siri and quick pairing and switching between iPhone, iPad, and Mac. They’re worth their $179 price tag – but if that’s too expensive for you.

Anker Nano II 45W GaN charger

While Apple’s 20W charger works just fine, you can opt for a more versatile adapter in Anker’s Nano II 45W charger. Not only can it fast-charge an iPhone, but it can also power up a 2020 MacBook Air at full speed, along with mid-sized devices like iPads. This USB-C power adapter is 34 percent smaller than other 45W chargers, and it uses GaN technology to prevent overheating. We also appreciate that its connector prongs flip down to make the adapter even more compact when you need to travel with it. The 45W model will set you back $40, but Anker also makes a 30W version and a 65W two-port model for when you want to charge your phone and your laptop at the same time.

AirTags Best iPhone Accessories

Apple’s AirTags make it easy for iPhone users to locate things they might misplace. Just attach one of the tiny Bluetooth trackers to your keys, backpack, or wallet, and then use the Find My app to keep track of them. If you know your stuff is within reach, you can force the AirTag to play a tune to lead you to it. And when you truly don’t know where something is, you can enable Lost Mode to be automatically notified when the Find My network locates the item. AirTags only have compatibility with iPhones, but iPhone users have other Bluetooth tracker options (namely Tile’s). But Apple’s gadgets have a convenience level that’s similar to AirPods — your iPhone will automatically identify a new Apple AirTag nearby and immediately pair with it, and it’s quite simple to manage multiple AirTags in the Find My app.

Anker 623 MagGo 2-in-1 Wireless Charging Station

Apple’s MagSafe technology makes it much easier to go all-in on wireless charging, and Anker’s 623 MagGo 2-in-1 charging station is a great pick to keep by your bedside or on your desk. The cylindrical gadget is slightly smaller than a soda can, and its top can flip upward up to 60 degrees to let you charge your phone at an angle that makes the screen easier to see. And when you do that, you free up the second wireless charging pad sitting underneath it, where you can power your AirPods at the same time. We like this stand for its clever design, but also because it’s weighted and has a non-slip bottom; it’s not going anywhere once you pick a spot for it. Plus, there’s a light ring on the bottom that glows every time you magnetically snap your phone into place.

Anker Powerline II USB-C to Lightning cable

We’ve been fans of Anker’s Powerline charging cables for a long time and its Powerline II USB-C to Lightning cord is no exception. First, it’s more affordable than Apple’s — you’ll pay $19 for a three-foot cable from Apple, whereas Anker’s three-foot cord costs $13. It also has MFi certification, which means it’s passed enough tests to get Apple’s seal of approval as a safe, reliable iOS accessory. While not all of them are made out of braided nylon, those that don’t still have a 12,000-bend lifespan so you can use it without fear of wire fraying after a few weeks. Anker also has a similar USB-C to C cable in the Powerline III series that should work well for charging the latest iPads and MacBooks.

Belkin MagSafe Car Vent Mount Pro

Belkin’s MagSafe car mount is easier to use than one of those fussy clamps you pray will stay put on a vent while you’re driving. The strong magnets truly make this one of the best iPhone accessories — the iPhone 14 snaps into place on the mount’s credit-card-sized plate and won’t budge even if you have to quickly swerve to avoid hitting a squirrel. The clip that attaches to your car’s vent is also quite snug and you can swivel your cell phone into landscape or portrait mode.

Even if you don’t drive to work daily anymore, this will come in handy on the days you’re in the office and when you need to consult Google Maps during your next road trip. Just remember that this mount won’t charge your iPhone; it’s just a magnetic holder. You can, however, weave a charging cable through an opening in the back of the mount so you can neatly power up your phone while driving.

Peak Design Mobile Tripod Best iPhone Accessories

There are plenty of ways to prop up your iPhone, but Peak Design’s mobile tripod is one of the more elegant solutions I’ve tried. It attaches to the back of the latest iPhone and delivers a generous lift off the surface it’s sitting on. Out of all of the stands I’ve used, it’s the one that looks and feels most like a tripod thanks to its micro ball-head, which lets you adjust the angle of your phone nearly 360 degrees, and its three legs, which provides much more support and functionality than your standard phone-case kickstand.

The Mobile Tripod is a solid option for those who use their phone cameras for everything from family photos to vacation landscape shots, and those who want to use their phone almost as a second screen while traveling. It’s a bit steep at $80, but you’re paying for a sturdy accessory with a thoughtful design — plus the Peak name. Of course, there are plenty of more affordable MagSafe phone stands such as Moft’s Snap-On Stand and Wallet, which props up your iPhone while holding a few credit cards, Anker’s MagGo phone grip, and the now-ubiquitous PopSockets. Just keep in mind that, while MagSafe accessories like these are convenient, they ultimately won’t be as sturdy as something securely snapped onto your smartphone. All of the MagSafe stands, wallets, chargers, and other accessories I’ve tried eventually fell off if I applied enough force.

Spigen Ultra Hybrid Case Best iPhone Accessories

There are many more MagSafe cases available now than there were just a year ago, and they run the gamut from affordable to quite expensive. You could always go with one of Apple’s first-party options but just know that even if you like the style of the company’s silicone cover or its hard-shell clear cases, you can probably find a decent dupe for much less money. We’ve got a whole list of the best iPhone cases we’ve tried, and a good all-purpose option is Spigen’s Ultra Hybrid MagFit case. It’s a clear cover that has anti-yellowing properties, which should keep your iPhone 14 Pro looking clean and new for longer than other cases.

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